6 Signs a Women Likes You – Female Body Language Decoded

Looking For Women Made Easier Than Ever

Before looking for women, you should learn their body language and some of the signs that will help you figure out if a woman is attracted by you or wants to date you. Sometimes women pretend to be “hard to conquer,” but using the right techniques will help you a whole bunch, especially knowing their body language and which signs mean what.

We are going to explain to you the most common signs women perform unconsciously when they are attracted to you. Most of the time you’ll need to keep a good eye out for these signs as they aren’t hugely obvious. Often women send mixed signs just because they themselves don’t know whats going on in their head.

Understanding The Female Body Language While Dating

1) Eye Contact - If she doesn’t stop looking at your eyes, trying to make eye contact with you, that’s usually a pretty obvious sign of attraction. If you’re interested in her also, make the eye contact with her, but don’t forget, if you don’t like her its better not to make any eye contact with her as she will probably take it as a sign of attraction if you look back at her eyes.

2) “Futuring” – Another sign you should look out for while looking for women is “futuring.” For example, she will often say something like, “Oh, you like tennis too?, we should meet some time.” When she talks like this she obviously wants more of you and wants you to ask her out.

3) She’s Everywhere - Suddenly, you “stumble” across each-other a lot more than usual. She just happens to be everywhere you go, you randomly meet her in your favourite bar or on your way home. Often this is accompanied with “accidental” bumping into you, and she tries to stand close to you wherever and whenever possible.

She does this to make you notice her and give you a chance to make the first move and ask her out for a date or even just for her name. This is a very common sign you will encounter while looking for women.

4) Jealousy - Another sign that she likes you is that she is jealous of other women you talk to or that talk to you. She won’t stop asking questions about them, what you’re talking about and even if you like the specific girls she is jealous of. This sign can be really annoying while looking for women.

5) She’s Nervous - If she just can’t stay till and is visually nervous, you can take that as another sign of attraction. She might be a shy person from nature, so watch out how she acts around other people, especially men, and if she only acts like that around you, then go for it.

6) Curiosity - A woman that is interested in you, your hobbies, your friends and everything about you is, or very nice and social active or she is attracted to you. While looking for women, women might use this to “quiz” you because they probably read some magazine about men and are now seeing if you like them.

You should always answer all the questions she asks truthfully, this will increase the chances of your future relationship being satisfactory by a lot.

Looking For Women Can Be Confusing

These signs are some of the most obvious ways to find out if a girl likes you, but only because you can spot one of these signs it doesn’t mean she wants something with you. Like mentioned at the start, looking for women can be quite confusing at times, especially when the woman your dating doesn’t even know herself whats going on in her head.

Sometimes a woman just needs her time to decide what she wants, so we suggest you let her think, and don’t make it too obvious your still on the look for others whilst though.

Women Truckers

The trucking Industry today is primarily a man’s domain, although, these days more and more women are entering the trucking industry. Trucking companies welcome and actively recruit women. Today, approximately five percent of commercial truck drivers are women. Women are a small but nonetheless an integral part of the trucking industry. Women are seen as equals in this industry. Women drive cross country every day. Some women choose to be day drivers whereby they can be home regularly. Other women choose to be over the road drivers whereby they are gone for weeks at a time.

There are many benefits to women who choose to enter the trucking industry. There is no gender discrimination in pay rates for men and women. Consequently, women earn the exact rate of pay that men earn. This allows women to earn a good income with benefits.

Some women are familiar with the trucking industry due to their having family members or friends in the industry. These women have been able to observe and learn about the life of a truck driver through them. They may have been able to ride along as passengers in the truck. Some of these women eventually decide that they would like to be a driver themselves and take the required training to be qualified to do so.

Other women see trucking as a challenge and are fascinated by the adventure of life on the road. Some women choose to drive solo while others choose to drive with a partner. Oftentimes, it is difficult for mothers to be on the road, although they can drive with peace of mind when family members step up to help with the children.

More women than ever before are earning their commercial driver’s license commonly referred to as a CDL. Upon receiving their CDL they are confident in their driving abilities and carry themselves like professionals which they are. To be hired as a truck driver applicants usually have to take a strength test to be hired. They are usually required to be able to lift between 50 to 100 pounds. There may be an even more strenuous test required if they are interested in being a flatbed driver.

Women usually choose to drive trucks pulling dry van trailers or refrigerated trailers. These loads are generally considered to be no touch freight and are unloaded by warehouse workers. The driver only has to pull up to the dock and wait while the trailer is being unloaded.

Many couples choose to drive as a team because they enjoy being with each other and working together. Couples with children will often take children along for rides with them. Some couples start working as team drivers when their children are grown. Many couples enter the trucking business after retiring from their former jobs.

Women truckers are concerned about personal safety. Men sometimes find themselves in unsafe situations, but women are more vulnerable. The first thing you should do before going on the road is to do a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle. Also, take care to see that your load is secure. This way you can be reasonably sure that you won’t have mechanical problems on the road.

Plan your trips well. Trucking companies usually have policies concerning personal safety which you should familiarize yourself with. Also, try to stay on main roads and avoid back roads whenever possible. Be sure to have a cell phone or some other communication device. When you stop at truckstops especially for overnight or extended periods, try to park near the front of the truckstop where the lighting is usually better. Always lock your truck whenever you step out even if you only expect to be gone a short time. Stay safe and enjoy driving.

Women Love Sex And How To Embrace This Fact As A Man And Not Be Intimidated By It

Unfortunately, society has conditioned many men to believe that women don’t really want sex and that women only have sex with their men as a reward.

In other words, many men think that they have to do something for their women (like give her flowers or take her out to dinner), before she will have sex with him.

This faulty conditioning has come from popular television, radio, internet articles, books, what other people told us and what some people’s parents told them. The list goes on and on.

However, the idea that women see sex as a chore and something to do once in a while simply to keep their man happy — is absurd. It’s a bad joke. And it has stopped many men (and women) from experiencing the kind of mind-blowing sex that every adult deserves to have.

The truth about women is that THEY absolutely LOVE SEX.

Simple as that. “YES”, reallywomen love sex.

As a man, you must embrace this fact and throw away any faulty conditioning that you have that has led you to believe that you must somehow ‘win sex from a woman’. Such faulty thinking will rob you of your masculinity and sexual confidence.

Speaking of which — those are exactly the kinds of things that women love in a man. So you had better be manly, masculine and sexual confident if you want to attract, date and sleep with women and give them great sex.

You had better also respect women, tell the truth and create an emotional connection with women if you want them to fully surrender to you in the bedroom.

You do know that women want to FULLY SURRENDER to their man in the bedroom, right?

You see — for women, sex is all about being TAKEN and being RAVAGED by their man.

Women love sex and they want it.

In fact — women NEED sex.

Do you want proof that women need sex?

Well, here you go…

Many women cheat on their men when they do not get great sex.

Would women do this if they didn’t want, need, crave and love sex? I think not.

And right there are a few clues that as a man you must take note of…

Women want GREAT SEX. They want sex where they totally lose control and become overwhelmed by orgasmic pleasure. They want their men to make them come over and over again.

Shame most men are lame in the bedroom.